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Sponsor of back-up generator to Larchfield Children’s Home in Tanzania

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The world would be a better place if no one felt alone or abandoned. There is nothing harder on a child than having to go through a life without a family to support and love unconditionally.

We, as Diesel Power International Services LLC Dubai and Diesel Power Services Namibia PTY/LTD, support Larchfield Children’s Home. Larchfield is an official Non-Governmental Organization in Tanzania which aim is to provide a happy, safe and secure home for displaced children in Tanzania (particularly in the district of Mkuranga, south of Dar-es-Salaam) whose families have been destroyed by HIV, to foster an environment where each child can flourish and develop to his or her full potential regardless of race, sex, religion or other defining characteristics.

We support Larchfield on their purpose by providing them an air-cooled back-up generator. This will help them sustain supply of electricity due to unreliable power source in the area.

We are looking forward to more projects with Larchfield Children’s home in the future.

For more information about Larchfield Children’s Home, please visit their website: